Tilmann Rabl

Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Post-Doctoral Fellow(0000-00-00 — 2015-01-01)
(416) 946-8669
tilmann dot rabl at utoronto dot ca
Tilmann has joined the MSRG group in June 2011. Before he was a PhD student and assistant lecturer at the University of Passau under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Harald Kosch. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the topic of scalability and data allocation in the context of cluster databases. He received his MSc in 2006 under the supervision of Priv. Doz. Martin Griebl and Prof. Dr. Christian Lengauer.

Currently, Tilmann is doing research in benchmarking, big data processing and analytics. He has developed the Parallel Data Generation Framework (PDGF), a generic data generator for database benchmarking. PDGF is available at www.paralleldatageneration.org.

His previous publications can be found here.
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TU Berlin
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