Grand Challenge: The BlueBay Soccer Monitoring Engine

Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Kianoosh Mokhtarian, Tilmann Rabl, Mohammad Sadoghi, Reza Sherafat Kazemzadeh, Young Yoon, and Kaiwen Zhang.

In The 7th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems, 2013.
Acceptance rate 40%.


This paper presents the design and implementation of a custom-built event processing engine called BlueBay developed for live monitoring of soccer games. We experimentally evaluated our system using a real workload and report on its performance. Our results indicate that BlueBay achieves a throughput of up to 790k events per second, therefore processing the game's input sensor stream about 60 times faster than real-time. In addition to our custom implementation, we also investigated the applicability of off-the-shelf general-purpose event processing engines to address the soccer monitoring problem. This effort resulted in two additional and fully functional implementations based on Esper and Storm.


Tags: event processing systems, live monitoring, soccer, content-based matching

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