NoSQL Performance Test - In-Memory Performance Comparison of SequoiaDB, Cassandra, and MongoDB

Tilmann Rabl, Michael Frank, and Manuel Danisch.

White paper.


In view of the fast development of innovative IT-technologies, NoSQL technology is increasingly utilized in big data and real-time web application in recent years. Because NoSQL stores allow for a more agile development process and execution, they can replace traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS) in a large number of industrial application fields. NoSQL technology significantly improves both database scalability and usability by softening RDBMS features, such as consistency and relational model.

In this report, bankmark reports on a large series of benchmark experiments to compare publicly available NoSQL store products with SequoiaDB in in different workload scenarios. For this purpose, the bankmark team used the Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) suite as testing platform. The bankmark team used preset settings for all systems wherever possible and only adapted settings that caused major performance bottlenecks. For all databases official documentation as well as information from other publicly available sources was utilized. All major adaptations are documented in this report, a full report is available on request that contains all configuration settings.


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